10 Software Pembuat Website Terbaik untuk Pengusaha Pemula

As a professional journalist and content writer, I have had the privilege of exploring various tools and resources that can help entrepreneurs in their journey to establish a strong online presence. In this blog post, I will be sharing 10 of the best website building software options for beginners in the industry.

1. Wix

Wix is a popular website builder that offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of templates to choose from. With drag-and-drop functionality, beginners can easily create a professional-looking website without any coding knowledge.

2. WordPress

WordPress is a versatile platform that can cater to both beginners and advanced users. With a plethora of plugins and themes available, you can customize your website to suit your needs and preferences.

3. Weebly

Weebly is another great option for beginners due to its intuitive interface and responsive templates. It also offers eCommerce capabilities, making it ideal for entrepreneurs looking to sell products online.

4. Squarespace

Squarespace is known for its sleek and modern designs, making it a popular choice for creative entrepreneurs. The platform also offers eCommerce functionality and analytics tools to help you track your website’s performance.

When researching for this blog post, I was impressed by the features and capabilities of each software option. From customizable templates to SEO tools, these website builders have everything you need to kickstart your online presence.

5. Shopify

For entrepreneurs looking to launch an online store, Shopify is the go-to platform. With built-in payment options and inventory management tools, you can easily set up and manage your eCommerce business.

6. Jimdo

Jimdo is a user-friendly website builder that offers strong SEO capabilities. With Jimdo, you can create a search engine-friendly website that will help your business rank higher on Google search results.

7. GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy Website Builder is a simple yet powerful tool that offers integrated marketing features. From email marketing to social media integration, GoDaddy can help you promote your business effectively.

8. Zyro

Zyro is a budget-friendly website builder that provides AI-powered tools to help you create a personalized website. With Zyro, you can design a unique website that reflects your brand identity.

Writing this blog post has been a rewarding experience as I learned about the different features and functionalities of each software. Whether you are a beginner entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, these website building tools can help you establish a strong online presence.

9. Webflow

Webflow is a design-first platform that allows you to build custom websites with ease. With a visual editor and responsive design options, you can create a website that looks great on any device.

10. Duda

Duda is a website builder that offers team collaboration features, making it ideal for businesses with multiple stakeholders. With Duda, you can easily manage and update your website with a team of users.


Choosing the right website building software is crucial for the success of your online business. Whether you are looking for a simple drag-and-drop interface or advanced customization options, there is a software option for every entrepreneur.

I hope this blog post has provided you with valuable insights into the best website building software for beginners. Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts and experiences with these tools.

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